flowers lebanon ()
$47.00   €42

Val/026 free delivery

12 red roses free delivery

Flowers lebanon
$47.00   €42


These sweet 12 Red Roses of Saoud flowers will accent any home decor. Your selection includes 12 Red...

flowers lebanon CS
$47.00   €42


If you'd like to send a unique and eye-catching gift,choose this bouquet of 12 fresh pink roses chic...

tulipe rouge
$59.00   €53

Tulipa rouge

10 Red Tulips

$59.00   €53


3 white lilies + 5 pink roses + alstroemeria vase included

red with baby breath
$59.00   €53


15 Red Roses and Baby's Breath Display your every emotion with this exquisite red rose bouquet con...

send flowers to lebanon
$67.00   €60


12 super red roses in a vase free delivery

$69.00   €62

Birthday with Love

12 Red roses + box of chocolate + balloons & sure all charges included

$69.00   €62


Really beautiful 5 Lilies with 10 roses and greenary with a free vase included and sure free deliver...

flowers lebanon
$76.00   €68


A breath of fresh with this bouquet of 10 pink roses,violet seasonal,2 greenpeace and 3 pink chrysan...

flowers lebanon
$76.00   €68


Bouquet in the soft colors consisted 7 pink and foushia roses,3 gerbera,2 greenpeance,white daisy po...

$77.00   €69



Flowers lebanon ()
$78.00   €70


Wonderful bouquet of 2 pink lilies,6 foushia roses and daisy poms in a vase. ...

Florist Lebanon
$79.00   €71


7 pink roses,7 pink gerbera and 3 white lilies free delivery

$87.00   €78



$87.00   €78


10 foushia roses,5 white chrysanthem,5 greenpeace free delivery ...

$89.00   €80

Amal/25 Red Roses

25 ultra special red roses free delivery to anywhere

$89.00   €80


25 super red roses with greenary sure free delivery

send flowers to lebanon
$89.00   €80


The perfect combination in a vase of 10 red roses and 3 white lilies arranged in a way to transmit a...

Flowers lebanon ()
$96.00   €86


white bouquet of 2lilies,10 roses and daisy poms in a square container vase ...

flowers lebanon
$99.00   €89


10 pink roses,4 white lilies in a square container vase

flowers lebanon
$137.00   €123


30 pink and foushia roses in a square container vase free delivery ...

$137.00   €123


36 beautiful red roses just for you

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Need to take that perfect gift or Flowers to send to Lebanon that you looked so far and wide for? Are you looking for that additional sprinkle of magic to add to your party, wedding or special event? Look no further! Saoud Flowers is Lebanon’s finest flower shop to send Flowers, Balloons, Chocolate ,Cake, Teddy Bear,Gift..With its fast service and call on demand, you can be sure that your event and flowers decorations will be a complete success. Whether you need to send flowers to Lebanon for that special someone, or you just want to add flair to a special occasion with flowers in Lebanon, our team of specialists is ready to help you not only get exactly what you want, but figure out the exact details of flowers color and shape that will be sure to wow and impress.

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Flowers are known for their addictive and charming aroma that will take you elsewhere to a world of dreams. Our specially ordered, breaded and craved into shape flowers, here at Saoud Flowers Lebanon, have been planted and raised for the sole purpose of bringing joy to all those who checks them out.

Send flowers to Lebanon with our shop,We deliver bouquets and arrangements to all Lebanese area, North or South Bekaa or to Mountain of Lebanon or to the capital : Beyrouth, Jbeil, Amshit, Batroun , Zahle, Chouf,Aley, Tannourine, Zahle & Bekaa, Jounieh, Kfardebian, Byblos, Tripoly & The North, Tyre, Nabatieh & to any City or village  in Lebanon. In one word, we deliver happiness with our Flowers all over Lebanon and far beyond. There is no way to keep us from achieving our ultimate goal: . They say that where there’s a will there’s a way; here at Saoud Flowers, if you WILL call us, we will make sure to find a WAY to get you exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.

With our one of its kind array of colors, we can help you find the perfect gift or bouquet of flowers for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, get well soon, new baby born, love, party, apology, to Star Accademy ,funerals and any other event you plan to bring Mother Nature’s special touch into.

Here at Saoud Flowers Lebanon, we take great pride in what we do, and we know that we receiving a very unique invitation and we have , with every client, to be a part of a special once in a lifetime occasion, to participate in their joys and help wipe away their tears. That is why we treat our customers like family not a flowers custommer; we actually do not have customers, only new friends that click a link to walk away with that satisfied look on their faces, one that we guarantee you’ll have once you hand us over your choice.

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